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      Welcome to our website 

      About Us 

      Ours is a story of passion, creativity and profession all working together in a synergy, to produce the entity known as Xclusive Cakes. 

      We were formally registered in 2007 and do not believe in leaving any stones unturned; when it comes to being law abiding. 

      Our core operation is the production of cakes and offering of tutelage / trainings via our sugar art school

      In our school, our mission is 
      "to raise intelligent cake bakers and decorators" 

      Our Qualifications 

      Professional training in the field of food technology and engineering, coupled with years of experience/talent in baking, cake designs and decorating.

      Our Services

    • We create extraordinary cakes of premium quality from scratch.
    • We make and sell  fabulous handcrafted 3D sugar sculptures, 2D cake toppers /plaques and lots more


    • We provide all-inclusive trainings (via our Sugar Art School) on:-
      • Cake baking
      • Decorating
      • Sugarcraft
      • Modelling
      • (all materials & tools are provided)
      • Courses can be taken as solo or combined
      • See below for latest information on our combined courses
Our Location

Xclusive Cakes is located at 14, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

 (major landmarks - Wahum, Jk Pharmacy, Laraday school. See map below)

     Introducing Combined courses at discounted prices! Get N10,000 off,  Limited spaces available!!

  Baking Right and Basic Sugarcraft course or Baking Right and Butter Deco course @ N65,000 (with a N5,000 refund & a free baking accessory as gift).

 Basic Sugarcraft and Basic Modelling course - N60,000 (with a N5,000 refund)

About Us





Butter Decorating

Sugar Flowers

Basic & Advanced Sugarcraft

Basic & Advanced Modelling

Dessert cakes (coming soon)

No need to bring anything along, we provide all the tools & materials required!

Free consultations - on appointment basis only!

Address - 14, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja (by JK pharmacy).

Contact Us

Sugar art school runs from 9.30am - 3pm on scheduled dates, as arranged by the school.

  • Lagos 100282